Thank you for stopping by Paint Me Pretty.

Photoshoping and image manipulation began as hobby that grew into a talent. After publishing my first novel, Dark Heirloom, I found an endless need for customized graphic designs. From cover art to author swag, Facebook timeline headers to Twitter backgrounds, website and blog headers, and more. Fortunately, I already had some skill and was able to do this on my own without spending a fortune.  With all that practice, my skills grew. Not everyone has the time, patience, or steady hand required to manipulate stock images all day. For that, I extend my services and look forward to working with you.

Jennifer’s Bio:  In addition to being a freelance cover artist, I write monthly newsletter columns for PDMI Freelance Publishing and their imports. I also write urban fantasy fiction under the pen name J.D. Brown and am published by MuseItUp Publishing. Furthermore, I self-publish erotic romance short stories as Danielle Ravencraft and am the founder and owner of Ravencraft’s Romance Realm.

Check out my novels at AuthorJDBrown.com

Contact me via email at jdbrown.author@gmail.com


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